Vessel Chartering & Brokerage Service

Project may involve transporting a complete plant to a remote construction site. Our project & heavy lift experts are handling across the globe, heavy-lift transport, charters and deliveries. The service starts with assessment and consultancy on every aspects of a cargo movement and finishes with delivery. It includes Execution, coordination and supervision, Import process evaluation and customs clearance etc. Door to door delivery transport of heavy lifts is all done in a very professional & thus reliable manner. No matters, how big the volume, dimension and weight of your heavy lift, we promise the safe & secured delivery for your projects of steel , power, cement, heavy engineering etc.

Break Bulk Cargo Services

Our dedicated Break Bulk team has the experience and knowledge to move your cargo professional, with reliable, and in the most cost efficient way. Our experts understand the intricacies of handling this cargo and are involved in the pricing and acceptance of all Break requests. We are specialized to handle the projects from anywhere to anywhere in the world through our worldwide network of agents.

Dry Bulk Cargo Services

We have expert team deals in to arrange Dry bulk vessels as bareboat charter, time charter, voyage charter, spot charter from anywhere in the world to your desired ports for Iron ore, coking coal, steel products, steam coal, grain commodities, forest products, mineral concentrates and other loose commodities

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